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Trivago’s hotel

Trivago’s hotel

Trivago’s hotel search allows users to compare hotel prices in just a few clicks from more than 250 booking sites for over 1 million hotels throughout the world. More than 120 million travellers use the hotel comparison every month to compare deals in the same city. Get information for trips to cities like Las Vegas or Orland and you can find the right hotel on trivago quickly and easily. New York City and its surrounding area are great for trips that are a week or longer with the numerous hotels available.

Hotel Facility

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Our 140 million integrated user hotel reviews and more than 15 million photos allow you to find out more about where you're travelling.


Per Nights


To get an extended overview of a hotel property, trivago shows the average rating and extensive reviews from other booking sites, e.g., Expedia, Agoda, leading hotels, etc. trivago makes it easy for you to find information about your trip to Miami Beach, including the ideal hotel for you.


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Additional Info

  • Check In : After 12 PM
  • Check Out : Before 12 PM
  • Pricing : $39 - $55/Per Nights
  • Total Room : 200
  • Location : Trivago

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Trivago is a hotel search with an extensive price comparison. The prices shown come from numerous hotels and booking websites. This means that while users decide on trivago which hotel best suits their needs, the booking process itself is completed through the booking sites


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